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      About the Founder of Simon Signs

Hello!  Let me introduce myself to you.  My name is Grace Mitchell, and I hold a Bachelor of Science in Habilitation of the Deaf and a Masters in Educational Philosophy with an emphasis in Curriculum and Literacy from Texas Christian University.  Before founding Simon Signs, I was a classroom teacher and a Parent/Infant Advisor.  My husband, Kent, and I reside in Fort Worth, Texas.  It has been my privilege to teach families across North Texas to sign with their babies!  What a joy to see children grow leaps and bounds in their language development.  New research about signing with babies and young children is consistently being released, and the findings are so exciting!  My husband is a Family Practice physician, and has also been impressed with the benefits of signing! 

One of the greatest things about signing is its advantages extend to every child.  Whether your precious one is hearing, deaf, hard of hearing, autistic, has Downs Syndrome, or any language obstacle, using American Sign Language can bring about major cognitive and communicative development!  I would love to work with you, your family, your playgroup, your MOPS group, your daycare, your school, your medical association, or any other organization.  If you would like to set up a class, find out when and where classes are offered, or just ask me a question, please feel free to email me (see the Contact page) or call me at any time. 
             Happy Signing!