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“My daughter had severe earaches, but the doctor said her ears were fine. I insisted that she was signing PAIN by her right ear. He thought I was nuts, but ran some further tests…and found that 90% of her inner ear was full of fluid, causing a 35% hearing loss! Without her ability to sign to us, the specialist said we would not have known about the fluid in her ears.”

“Our daughter was able to express herself through simple signs (Milk, More, All Done) at 8 months old. She is now 13 months and readily uses over 35 signs to express herself. Just the other day she picked up a feather from our parrot and signed, “bird- hair.” It is amazing! She can express herself and we can discuss concepts you wouldn’t normally think a 1 year old would understand.”

“ This is a time when the brain is growing very, very rapidly. It is too precious a time to waste. That’s what I like about the idea of signing very young. We know from research and observation that the first major way children learn is kinesthetically, through movement, through touch, through experience. I think these classes are particularly good because signing is that kind of learning process.”  —Dr. Martha Bullock Lamberts

“By giving a child a sign or symbol, it enhances their ability to communicate and intellectually develop. And I think the other thing it does is it really helps that child/parent bond.“  —Alice Stroutsos, Speech Language Pathologist

“Our son learned about 80 signs by 18 months and we were able to have “conversations” about the world around him.  He was able to tell us what he needed, but also what he was thinking. It was a fabulous window into his mind. We were amazed at the concepts he understood and the extent of his memory and would have never known what he was thinking without his signing. As more parents are able to communicate with their young children, there will be a greater respect for the child as a person. I think signing was definitely one of the best things we did as parents and I strongly recommend it to other parents.“

While at a conference in Nevada, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Rachel, Alex, and Leah from Signing Time!

Source: Fox News
September 28, 2005
Babies can now say things like "milk," "more" and "all done" — and that's before they've even learned to talk....
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Source: ABC News
February 22, 2005
Researchers Say Signing with Babies May Boost IQ, Family Relationship...
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Source: Los Angeles Times
August 6, 2006
Signs of intelligence? Parents and experts say the benefits of teaching babies sign language are undeniable...
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Source: Discovery Health
When Ezekiel was six months old, he asked his mother for "more music" after his mobile stopped...
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Source:  WBALtv
August 2, 2006
Speaking Is In Hands Of Children...
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Source: CNN
July 28, 2006
LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Nine-month-old Alexandra lets her mother know when she is hungry...
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Source:  Fresno Beehive
July 20, 2006
Can you say iPod in baby sign language?
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Source:  Quincy Herald Whig
June 18, 2006
"With a toddler, I just wanted to end the all-encompassing whine," Plenge said. "I'm
just trying to give her a bigger vocabulary when she doesn't quite have the verbal skills."
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Source:   CBC News Online
March 10, 2004
How many times have you looked at your crying, frustrated baby and just wished the poor thing could talk to tell you what's wrong, what hurts, or what's needed?
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Source:  Atlantic City Press
August 2, 2006
Just about every parent has experienced the 3 a.m. baby crisis — when their adorable infant becomes a screaming, crying bundle of “joy”
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